Do you want to make a difference to the lives of elderly people?

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Jasmine Healthcare is committed to delivering the highest standards of care to all the residents in our homes. Our loyal and motivated team is crucial to delivering our mission to improve the standards of care across the elderly care home industry.

We welcome applications from any candidate who wants to join us on our mission.

Jasmine’s Culture

The culture among our staff team reflects our values, with team work, effective communication and a positive outlook being among the most important attributes of it.  We believe that we work in our residents’ homes, and therefore our culture is homely and familial, and this is reinforced by Jasmine’s ownership by small number of people, including some employees, committed to our mission and objectives.  Our culture is as personally and financially rewarding as possible with regular training, team engagement, praise and appreciation of each other, being embraced by the whole team.

Values based Recruitment

Jasmine embraces recruitment based on our Values. Jasmine’s values are critical to the ethos of the organisation and its future growth. We recruit team members, who share our mission to improve care standards. We carefully select new team members, who we believe, have an innate sense of how to care for our residents, with dignity and kindness.

Staff Retention

The Jasmine team is made up of over 180 staff, enabling us to provide a high ratio of staff to residents.

We believe everyone in our team is an Ambassador for Jasmine and in turn we are committed to providing a positive place to work for our team.  One of our key aims is to have industry beating staff retention and we are proud of the long length of service of many of our Ambassadors.  We believe this is fundamental to providing a caring, stable and happy home for our residents.  This is why engagement with our staff is at the heart of what we do.

Consequently, we do not accept that the care industry has to be characterised by large numbers of staff constantly either leaving the care sector or moving onto the next care homes, with any short falls in staffing levels being made up by temporary agency staff.  In particular, we appreciate that it can be difficult for new staff to quickly fit into the busy and sometimes demanding care environment, especially those new to the care industry.  This is why we have three distinct ways of closely supporting our new team members in their first year with Jasmine:

Our Home Managers: A key part of our Home Manager’s role is to welcome and support their new staff members, and to ensure that they receive the induction and training they need, work the hours and shifts they agreed at interview, and that their new role generally meets their expectations.  Our Home Managers will meet all new recruits in their first couple of shifts to go through Jasmine’s mission, objectives and values, and thereafter both informally and in bi-monthly supervisions to generally discuss their progress and development and training needs.

Our Jasmine Support Team: Based at our head office, our Jasmine Support Team, will continue to provide support to our new recruits after they have received their job offer.  A member of this team will keep in touch with all new starters until their first day, and then call them one week, one month and three months after starting, to discuss how they are finding their new role, and help to resolve any concerns they may have.

Our New Starter Champions: A New Starter Champion (NSC) will be allocated to all new team members as soon as they accept a position with Jasmine.  Our NSCs are specifically chosen colleagues to provide our new recruits’ with pastoral care and personal support during their first year at Jasmine.  Our NSC will reach out to new team members as soon as they start, and regularly thereafter, to ensure they are happy and contented in their new roles.  Our new team members should feel that they can share any concerns they aren’t comfortable talking to management about with their allocated NSC. Our NSCs primarily offer confidential support and advice to new team members, and will only try to remedy any concerns raised by new starters if they are specifically asked to.  Our aspiration is nothing less than providing the best support in the care sector for our new starters, and our New Starter Champions programme is an important and differentiating part of our approach to doing this.

Collaboration: Our Home Managers, Jasmine Support Team and New Starter Champions each support our new starters in different ways to settle into their new roles, and ensure that they are happy with us.  However, when appropriate they will work together to ensure that our new starters are content and finding their new roles rewarding.


We appreciate that working in the care sector is incredibly hard work and emotionally demanding, albeit extremely personally rewarding, and believe in thanking and rewarding our staff as much as possible, for the amazing work that they do.

Perhaps unusually in the care sector Jasmine is totally committed to the National Living Wage (NLW).  We pay all staff in excess of the National Living Wage.  This is just one way Jasmine demonstrates its value of rewarding our hard working staff.  We hope the Government will deliver on their promise to continue to increase the National Living Wage above general wage inflation, and we in turn, will always aim to pay more than the Government’s guidance.

In addition, there are three rates of pay (all above the NLW) for each job role.  One for the majority of staff performing in line with expectations, one for any staff performing below expectations, and one for our many staff performing above expectations.  We strongly believe that those going the extra mile should be both personally and financially rewarded for it.


We also offer all staff many additional financial incentives to thank and reward our team for exemplifying our values.  These include a mandatory training incentive for new team members, vouchers for all staff completing Diploma in Care (NVQ) qualifications, vouchers for all team members for a positive CQC inspection, extra payments for anyone helping their colleagues by covering additional and last minute shifts, and vouchers for anyone being a good Ambassador for Jasmine.

Longevity of Service

We are very proud of the long length of service of many of our team, and this in turn helps us to provide a stable and caring environment for our residents.

We aspire to have the best staff retention across the elderly care home industry and this is why we do so many things that most of the care home industry does not do:

  • Paying all our staff well in excess of the National Living Wage
  • Offering all our staff many additional incentives and rewards for going above and beyond for our residents
  • Allocating every new team member a New Starter Champion to support them for their first year
  • Offering our team meaningful rewards for completing Diploma in Care qualifications
  • Paying all training course fees

Development & Promotion

Jasmine is committed to helping our team fulfil their full potential, which involves both providing them with as much training as they wish to do, and encouraging them to progress within Jasmine as much as they wish and are able to.


You can view our current vacancies through indeed here or why not contact us directly on 01529 688 014 to discuss our vacancies?  We are always looking for great team members who share our values, so feel free to apply directly to any of our homes at any time if what you have read above appeals to you:

How to Apply

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