Jasmine Healthcare Limited aims to pay all suppliers within 30 days of receipt of their invoices in line with our Jasmine Value to always act with Integrity.  Consequently Jasmine has the highest credit rating given by Experian of 100.

We also believe in total transparency with all our valued stakeholders and therefore publish our full accounts on Companies House.


The best way to find out more about Jasmine Healthcare, our homes, our mission, our values and our aims, is to speak to one of our management team.  Everyone at Jasmine is always keen to build stronger relationships with all our stakeholders.  It may even be appropriate to arrange a visit for you to one of our homes, so that you can hear firsthand our belief in our mission…

Contact us directly at
T: 01529 309055

Jasmine Healthcare Limited
Suite One
Pattinson House
Oak Park,
East Road
Lincolnshire NG34 7EQ